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£200 for 5 straws (plus shipping and admin fees)

Beefeater was used in the herd during 2012, 2013 and 2014. We bred Beefeater's mother when the herd was based on the Isle of Man. She was from the best female line in our herd at that time. Beefeater's sire was the most successful bull at the shows during 2011, being interbreed champion at the RHS, the East of England and the GYS. Beefeater was a large bull with a fantastic temperament, a tremendous back end and a bull we would still have in the herd if he had not had an accident. His stamp will flow throughout our herd for years to come. We are still using his sons selectively on our older females. Beefeaters sons and daughters will have a major influence within our herd for many years to come. We have a small quantity of semen available from Beefeater for both mainland UK and worldwide export, in minimum order quantities of 5 straws.

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