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Crooked Post Tobias 13D

Only available at Woodstock Bower Farm

We first saw CP Tobias 13D as a young bull calf in the late summer of 2016; he was a calf with potential in our view. He had a proven sire herd sire with an excellent set of Australian EBV’s, a proven dam from a very strong female line, with an excellent set of North American EPD’s, good growth rates, excellent locomotion and a sound structure. Tobias along with another young bull, both showed potential in our view to become future Beef Shorthorn outcross herd sires in the UK and Europe. Tobias’s sire and dam both carry some of the very best of proven Canadian and Australian beef breeding genetics. The object we identified was to use and be able to offer these genetics with proven traits to produce and enhance our own genetics here in the UK.

Prior to concluding an agreement to collect the semen for export into Europe, which is a very costly exercise, we decided to pay a second visit to view the development of the two bulls. We visited Crooked Post late in November 2016, and spent a great deal of time with both bulls shortlisted. Following protracted discussions we made the decision to secure exclusive rights to both bulls in Europe.

This semen is only available through ourselves at Woodstock Bower Farm Wenmar Beef Shorthorns

The two bulls went into quarantine in the spring of 2017 at the age of around 14 months; both bulls collected very well. The semen collected is very good quality and will be arriving here in Europe for general sale commencing later in 2018. In Europe and the UK in particular, well over 50% of our gene pool is currently centred around half a dozen particular blood lines, proof of that can be seen and proved by thoroughly investigating the pedigrees of bulls at our recent premier pedigree bull sales.

We will be offering limited numbers of straws of semen from each bull, on an annual basis. In 2018 we will be offering on general sale release a maximum of 150 straws of semen from each of the two bulls. This is a unique opportunity to obtain high quality proven genetics direct from within the UK. The semen will be offered for sale on a first come first served basis.

Pedigree of Crooked Post Tobias 13D

    Weebollabolla Theodore T85
      Weebollabolla Nindethana
  Yamburgan Tobermorey F90
      The Grove New Legend Z058
    Yamburgan Connie D133
      Yamburgan Connie 133rd
Crooked Post Tobias 13D
      JT Shaker 19S
    JT Exclusive 65X
      JT Heroine 17S
  Crooked Post Minnie 23Z

Waukaru Gold Mine 2109

    Crooked Post Minnie 34W
      Waukaru Minnie 6047

Crooked Post Tobias General Profile

Igenity DNA Case File No: DG16B109074-2
Birth Weight (Adjusted): 45kg
Weaning Weight (205 Day Adjusted): 380kg
Yearling Weight (365 Day Adjusted): 590kg
Scrotal Measurement (14 Months): 38.5cm

Crooked Post Tobias EPD Profile

2017 Spring NCS Results Growth and Maternal   Carcass   Indexes  
(% ranked vs
EPD 6 2.4 60 72 20 50 5   16 0.1 0.23 -   21.2 137.5 58.43 -
+/- 7 2.4 15 23 11 - 8   17 0.4 0.26 0.05   9 7 - -
Chg 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 - 0.1   0.1 0.0 0.03 0.04   - - - -
ACC 5 7 8 8 5 - 7   6 4 - 0.04   - - - -
% - - - - - - -   - - - -   - - - -
Rank 40 60 20 20 25 10 15   20 20 10 20   50 10 10 -
Sire EPD 6 2.2 55 67 20 47 1   - 12 0.49 0.37   - 22.39 138.5 57.8
ACC 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 - 0.1   - 0.1 0.12 0.08   0.06 - 7 5
% 1 2 5 5 4 - 5   - 4 4 4   0.09 - - -
Rank 40 50 35 35 25 25 25   - 35 - -   10 50 10 15
Dam EPD 7 2.1 65 6 20 53 5   10 17 - -   - 22.59 136.8 58.2
ACC 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 - 0.2   0.0 0.2 0.18 0.08   0.04 - 9 6
% 8 8 6 6 5 - 6   5 2 0.06 0.06   0.07 - - -
Rank 25 40 10 15 25 10 15   15 20 85 30   35 40 10 10

Trait Rankings vs Breed Average

Green Line:Represents the breed average (50th percentile)
Red Line:Represents the current % rank as determined by the epd value
Yellow Band:Range of potential % rank based on possible change expected based on current accuracy. As more data is received and incorporated into the NCE, the band will shrink. The red band should position somewhere inside the current band.

Dam - Crooked Post Minnie 23Z (Canada X-*22580)

Production Career:4 calving seasons
4 weaned calves
Average calving interval 374 days

Of the hundreds of yearling heifer ultrasound scans that have been collected over the years at Crooked post, Crooked Post Minnie 23Z has indexed the highest for REA and backfat combination, now an absolute powerhouse tank of a cow she raises a good calf every year. Her first calf, Crooked Post Minnie 2B, was a heifer sired by Crooked Post Grissom, kept as a replacement at Crooked Post, this first calver weaned thier heaviest heifer of 2016 season. Second calf is a full brother to Tobias 13D, who sold to a commercial herd in spring 2017. Third calf is Tobias 13D. Forth calf sired by KCSF Red Mercury is being developed as a breeding bull this winter. Predictable good progeny who post big growth figures, are structurally sound with fertility and longevity in the family.

Sire - Yamburgan Tobermorey F090

Australia Breed Plan EBV Data:EBV Data

John Manchee, of MA Beef NSW, Australia states, "Yamburgan Tobermorey F090 has the combination of genetics we have been waiting for and will be valued as a stud sire. We all know the maternal strength of Weebollabolla Theodore but we really admire the carcass attributes of the New Legend cattle and recent carcass data submitted to Breedplan seeing a positive shift in marbling performance. Tobermorey has the maturity pattern, muscle shape, depth and fat distribution in a red, slick coated package."

Sire Video (added January 2018)

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Dispersal Sale

Our farm has now been sold, which demands the dispersal of some of our cow families.

  • Sale opens for viewing and offers at 8am on Saturday 4th August 2018.
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Family Dispersal

We are offering complete dispersal of the following families:

Victoria Family (6)
Melody Maker Family (6)
Secret Family (5)
Rothes Queen (4)

Semen Sales

Woodstock Bower Farm are now able to offer, direct from centres in the UK, Beef Shorthorn semen from North America, Canada and Australia. We have, over the last few years, visited farms and exhibitions in Canada and North America selecting genetics which we feel will assist in enhancing our Shorthorn breed here in the UK. Please contact us for pricing and straw availability.

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