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Secret Family

Woodstock Bower Farm presents our Secret Family of Beef Shorthorns. Our aim is to breed quality bulls and heifers suitable to carry the breed forward onto the next generation.

Photo taken September 2016. Secret E013 is not the biggest cow but she has given everything to her calves, and that is all that we demand of our cows. E013 has all the traits of being our sort of sound brood cow that we target. She is not the most photogenic cow that we have!


Photo taken early September 2017. Secret K129 is from X013 who is not the biggest of our cows but is certainly one of the most milky. I just hope that she follows her mothers traits.

We now have 4 Secret females in the herd. This heifer we have decided to offer for sale. The Secret female line is very milky and we are able to offer her from this proven line.


Photo taken July 2016. Secret H072 is one super young heifer. She is a Podehole Beefeater daughter and certainly carries his style. H072 has raised her first heifer calf this year which has already been sold. She is due to calve agin in early spring and knowing this family it will have a great start to its life.