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Crooked Post Stockman with Glenford Patsy

Embryos Available

Sire - Crooked Post Stockman 4Z - Registration (Canadian) M476682

Crooked Post Stockman was sired by Belmore Jackaroo, the renowned Australian bull. Stockman’s dam is from the Red Rose line at Crooked Post, which is a strong proven maternal line. Stockman had been used extensively at Crooked Post in 2015, and if ever a bull placed his stamp on his calves he did, certainly from what I saw on my visit in late 2016. Stockman is a trait leader for CED (Calving Ease Direct) and EPD, British Maternal Index as defined by the American Shorthorn Association. He in my eyes is just the perfect bull both in eye appeal and proven breed traits. Crooked Post are retaining all his 2016 daughters to enlarge their breeding plans.

Dam - Glenford Patsy 9Z - Registration (Canadian) F690230

Patsy 9Z is a very rare cow at Glenford. Out of circa 300 Shorthorns, she was one of only two roans we saw; the Shorthorn herd at Glenford are 99% red. When we viewed her in 2016 she had a tremendous calf at foot, and had an awful lot of the traits that we are looking for in our donor cows. It was also hard to ignore the fact that Glen and Ryan would not have retained a road in their red herd of cows by chance.

Breeding Notes

This breeding of Stockman to Patsy has a tremendous blend of genetic ingredients to create super flashy beef calves, also be some roans! We shall certainly be using some of these embryos in our breeding plan.

Purchasing Options

We tailor the cost of our genetic packages to suit your specific requirement. Each breeding package will start off with a base cost for an embryo. You are then able to select how far you would like us to support you through the project.